Martinique, U20 World Cup… 3 things to know about Maël Moustin, the new MHR winger

Martinique, U20 World Cup… 3 things to know about Maël Moustin, the new MHR winger

Mael Moustin, nouvelle recrue du MHR, a disputé cinq matches avec l’UBB l’année dernière. MAXPPP – Laurent Theillet

C’est un espoir du rugby français qui a signé cette saison à Montpellier. Maël Moustin (20 ans) s’est engagé pour deux saisons dans l’Hérault.

The MHR continues its recruitment of young players with high potential. By attracting Maël Moustin, the Montpellier club got their hands on a great hope at the winger or full-back position. Here are three things to know about the Hérault recruit.

He is from Martinique

Maël Moustin was born in 2003 on the island of Martinique. It was there that he took his first steps on a rugby field, that of Le Diamant, a town of 5,000 inhabitants on the southwest coast of Martinique before joining Saint-Joseph, on the ;rsquo;Reunion Island.

He arrived in mainland France at the age of 13, in 2016 with his brother and his cousin, Samuel Nollet, who has just signed for Soyaux Angoulême. It was in Agen that the three boys landed and joined the SUA training center. Maël Moustin then joined UBB in the summer of 2021.

He is world champion

Like Lenni Nouchi, who was the captain of the French U20 team, Maël Moustin won the world title with the Bleuets in 2023. Injured, he was only able to participate in the tournament. rsquo;at 2 meetings for a scored try.

He can play three positions

Trained as a full-back with the hopefuls, Maël Moustin now plays on the wing. But he is capable of helping out in the center as he did with the Bordeaux hopefuls. But he played his 5 Top 14 matches with UBB as a winger.

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