MARUV about an unexpected hobby, dirty show business and her future plans

The actress admitted that soon will sing a duet with the famous singer

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MARUV - о неожиданном хобби, "грязном" шоу-бизнесе и ближайших планах

MARUV sang at the birthday party is banned in Ukraine producer

In the first part of the interview Today.Lifestyle MARUV talked about the relationship with her husband, going to therapy and turbulent student years. This time the actress admitted, what’s he into besides music as it relates to show business and how popular the artist is planning to record a new hit.

In the video below MARUV also told whether to go to Eurovision as a guest and agree with the opinion of the fans that she is “too cool for this competition.”

MARUV about Eurovision

About the vocals and songs

– Do you currently vocal?

– Now no, used to do. Although now it is time, perhaps, something new to learn.

-Most importantly, perhaps, that time was?

– Actually this is the easiest, way to sing in the dressing room. Time easy to find. I’ve been studying music, worked hard on this. Note that for novice singers the main thing – is very much to sing. Sing anywhere and not be shy. Beautiful singing can be taught to any person who does not have problems with hearing and voice. I practiced very hard, so now can not afford to sing or not to go regularly for some lessons, now my voice in shape. Due to the fact that I have a lot of concerts, there is no need to go in addition to the teachers, because my voice is constantly working.

With a little bit more about music. Are there any songs that you have heard the “holes”?

– I have now in the playlist Billie Eilish, I can’t say that have heard the “holes”. But from last I like LSD, Labrinth, Sia & Diplo – the song is Genious. I also have in the playlist, The Chainsmokers, song Malamente singer Rosalia, then Lil Peep & Xxxtentacion.

MARUV - о неожиданном хобби, "грязном" шоу-бизнесе и ближайших планах


– That is you – music fan?

– Yes, I listen to very different music. There is still the Pretty Reckless – Make me wanna die. From what I’ve been listening to 5-7 years ago.

About show business

Show business, like politics, is called “dirty” area. What do you think and how you feel now in show business?

– Probably, all depends on the person and what he creates around himself. “Treat people the way you want them to treat you” – the principle upon which I work and live. Therefore, in relation to any negative things I never noticed. We create the environment, shape the attitude, so it all depends on how you are open, good-natured, benevolent and wise. I can say that I feel good, and the attitude of negativity did not notice, as respect for colleagues and, probably, it is returned to me (smiles).

About nutrition and training

– Tell us a bit more about your diet and vegetarianism.

– Food a bit chaotic. Give him fruits and raw vegetables. Rarely eat starchy foods, because they do not really like the feeling after it. Sometimes arrange fasting days and drink special cocktails and smoothies, they feel very light.

– You are in great shape, probably due to the fact that a lot of dancing at concerts?

Is more a food is affecting. Not really a physical load of getting on the dancing, I of course, sweat and move, but in terms of form and the waste of calories is not the most powerful component of how I look now. And I can’t boast of a perfect body. I have a bit of excess weight, no press, have a tummy (smiles) I am not skinny, not full and average.

MARUV - о неожиданном хобби, "грязном" шоу-бизнесе и ближайших планах


– But the main physical exercise for you is still dancing?

Yes. It’s a dance. But now we had this tradition before the performances we squat, swing ass, and stretch.

Also find out what the singer will never agree, how many pairs of shoes in her wardrobe, it looks like a perfect day and much more:

Blitz. MARUV

About an unusual hobby

– Besides music, what else do you have Hobbies?

– Lot of things different. I love to draw, weave bead. There was a time when I wove a lot, gained a bunch of glass beads, beads, any stones, pearls and did all sorts of bracelets and jewelry. Me it’s very soothing sometimes, gives you the opportunity to think, to reflect. And my hobby is I love to eat (laughs).

About the work and plans

– Tell us what you’re doing and what kind of plans?

– Now do a video. I made some tracks and they’re shooting a video. They do not exist in the network. Also I am now in search of new sounds, I want to change something.

– Future songs you plan to release in English?

– Yes, in English. But in Ukrainian and Russian songs will. And I still really like the Portuguese language, I think Latin America to look (smiles).

– Are you planning in the near future the cooperation with other artists? And how often does collaboration offer?

– Quite often, but sometimes the initiator of this I am. Soon there will be a song with a French artist, and with Jah Khalib awesome track. And I’m with a friend recorded a hip hop version of Black Water, very interesting happened.

MARUV previously submitted sexy clip Siren Song.

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