MARUV – about the husband, going to therapy and turbulent student years

The actress also talked about his Ryder

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MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


The famous singer MARUV (real name – Anna Korsun) in a candid interview with Today.Lifestyle told about the relationship with her husband and going to therapy, about his childhood and school years, as well as that of Ryder artist makes the concert organizers to sweat.

About childhood, youth and family

– Many fans love you for what you “own” is open and “soul of the company” as they say. Are you had since childhood?

– In the childhood I did not have very well developed relationships with peers. I had friends but in school I was not the most popular girl. Probably when I became a little older, from the age of 14 came the big companies, and more active communication. And before that age I had few friends. Harder to build relationships with their peers, and those who were over – easy.

I’ve always liked the majority of the action, I was very vigorous child. Loved to dress like everyone else, myself cut bangs. Children are not completely understood, the teacher wanted the girls were more relaxed, look more canonical. And I loved the experiments, always something came up, dressed, and, forever mom to carry cosmetics with class first or second, tried to makeup school, lips, eyes (smiles).

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


Now it’s probably evident in your manner and work?

– Yes. In the arts it helps a lot. Perhaps it is such human nature, are born with it.

– A little bit about your parents. What’s your relationship how they relate to your work and do you close?

– I communicate well with my parents, we’re friends. Now, unfortunately, we rarely see each other, they live far away. I was lucky, my parents support. And anyway, I always knew what I want. When I was little, I knew exactly what I want a cookie, what kind of cake wherever you want or do not want to go. My mom and dad never interfered in the manifestation of himself. It seems to me that the creative people who have a lot of energy, it is better not to interfere when they seek and want to do something.

About student years

– You were at University? Probably partied too much?

– Partied hard (laughs). And learned, by the way, good. I was horoshisty, not a straight a student, almost all the time was on scholarship. But the first two courses went out a lot. I still had girlfriends strategerize. Several times a week – it was a club or a party on the floor. I was still living in the hostel corridor type, when the end of the corridor a shared kitchen, toilet and everybody came. At the faculty we girls had a little bunch of kids. Of course, carried the hostel is fine. Now, I think young people are not so walking, they no longer sit in front of the computer in the room (smiles).

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


– You have a very unusual profession (Radiophysics and electronics, ed.). Like what you were taught at University was useful to you in your life?

– Most importantly, I was given the University and my education is probably the ornate structure of the mind. It really develops thinking, particularly conceptual, more clearly when you build a logical chain. And music that works too! I often like to look for Parallels, patterns, look for the connection between the music and the exact Sciences. And, in fact, science is the same the music is the same creativity. Sometimes, even in science fields are more for art than music, poetry, visual arts. What path are you going to decide which side to get it to fit – it is also creativity. And yet, the University is a great school of life. The Institute should not only academically, but also to experience student life, live in the dorms, to see what it was like to go and shoot a potato on the floor (laughs). I will never forget the solution to any questions related to the session, this is the most difficult but also the most fun period.

– Communicate with someone from childhood friends, classmates, classmates?

– Of course, I have many friends. I have my best friends from high school, this couple – Vika and Vlad, they got married immediately after school. We are with them still friends, communicate. With my friends childhood we have 14 years together. And one of my classmate – my godfather, I baptized her child. I have a lot of friends throughout Ukraine, with whom we communicate, make friends, communicate, help each other, which is something to remember, and I appreciate it very much. You know, they say “no hundred roubles, and have hundred friends” – so that’s about me (smiles).

About her husband and romance

Just as student years did you meet your spouse. Tell us a little about it. You and he have different temperament or Vice versa is similar?

– You know, looking at what matters. We periodically switch roles. There are times when I’m pretty angry, I don’t know, maybe the full moon affects (laughs), but on the contrary he is a very calm, balanced and smoothes sharp corners. And it so happens that I gipervolemiya, hyperharmonic, and it is because of some little thing breaks at once. So we’ve all cyclical, we are like communicating vessels, I a good COP, he.

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


– Do you like romance?

– I am a very sentimental lady. Even have a box of memories, with some important stuff, things, photos. Love the romance. I love all the flowers and so on.

– A husband how to treat this, he is a romantic person?

– My husband is probably the most attentive and caring person in the world. He knows what I like and what I like. And to cheer me up, maybe just my husband.

– How do you like spending time together?

– Love going to the movies, shopping, off, to watch something.

– What you and your husband work on the same project? You’re spending a lot of time together, and sometimes, they say, we need to rest from each other.

– That we work together – this is both good and bad. We have common goals and interests, we build your family and your business. On the other hand, of course, sometimes it is hard all the time to be together, sometimes quarrel, do not agree in some things. But it’s all fleeting, really, we are a harmonious couple. First, we live many years together, for this amount of time we learned to understand each other, to adapt, to make concessions. Secondly, we are not averse to going to a therapist. It’s a great practice, all the advice. Sometimes need a third person from the side, which will help to find a contact, look at the situation from a different angle.

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


When you work together, you develop. You for each other and friends, and lovers, and the whole universe. It is very brings, you always have something to talk about, there are always common interests, common threads. The main thing is to keep it interesting with each other.

About concerts and funny moments

– You have a pretty busy schedule. We can say even rabid. After a number of gigs are you recovering physically and mentally?

– Need to sleep a lot. It sounds trite, but sleep is the best recovery. When you’ve slept well, you all can go and move mountains.

– Speaking of concerts and tours, did you and your team have any funny and unusual moments?

– There are situations, for example when someone is late. It was after shooting the video, everyone was tired, and went to bed at all. But one of the dancers, Olga, decided to sleep. We arrive at passport control and we understand that one person is not enough, and we can’t reach her. Get neighbor Oli, that woke her up, but we realized that Olga did not have time on a plane. Miraculously, it so happened that she literally flew to the airport and somehow miraculously our flight was delayed, though weather was good. And Olga just at the last minute had on the plane.

There was another time when I at the last second managed to shoot transfer. That day everything went wrong: delayed one flight, then another, and so all day. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. I spent at the airport. A recording of the program started exactly at 21:00. I then understood that I do not have time. I repacked things in the carry-on makeup and did her hair. After arrival, dressed in a taxi and prayed that the shooting was detained, as I was late literally for 20 minutes. Then I literally flew out of the taxi near the entrance I met the Manager and I at the last second took the stage, the presenters were already on there. Have there really something went wrong and the shooting was delayed.

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


– If not secret, what’s in your rider?

– Nothing supernatural. Usually the organizers is difficult because I’m a vegetarian and a lot of what not to eat – fish, meat, seafood, and potatoes, tomatoes and rice. For example, when we went to Italy, they all starchy foods, heavy meat I don’t eat it, so I went there almost hungry and sometimes ate pasta with pesto, came back and treated the stomach for another week, because I basically used to eat vegetables, fruits, and there, in that time of the year, there was a small deficit this.

Also, we once ordered in Ryder fishnets, as they break almost every show and during a tour do not have time to buy them. And that was the big problem for the organizers is to buy us tights in the net (smiling). Many people are calling and crying, saying can’t find these tights.

In the second part of the interview, which will be released very soon, find out about an unexpected hobby MARUV, its power, and with whom the artist is going to record a duet song.

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MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах

MARUV – о муже, походах к психотерапевту и бурных студенческих годах


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