MARUV after the concert in Moscow was robbed

A fan of the singer decided to take concert props

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MARUV после концерта в Москве ограбили


After a speech at the concert Europa Plus LIVE in Moscow with Ukrainian singer MARUV there was an unpleasant situation – the actress was robbed of one of the fans.

Look, how was the recital MARUV in Kiev:


As she told MARUV on his page on Instagram, the guy didn’t just steal the props, the participants of the ballet – mask with horns, but still put the condition. He agreed to return the stolen if the singer poses for a photo with him and get your autograph.

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MARUV после концерта в Москве ограбили

This behavior of the fan of angry Ukrainian artist. She noted that she would not withhold the request of and for was to steal the mask.

MARUV после концерта в Москве ограбили

“To me this situation is just insanely sad. You just carried away from the scene. You had the opportunity to speak to security or to gain my Director, all of the rooms are in Instagram. I would and so you got a picture and give an autograph, but you just took it and left the club,” wrote the singer.

Recall that recently MARUV published a photo on which it is difficult not to notice her rounded tummy. Many fans of the singer decided that she’s pregnant. However, it was obvious that this could be the result of a chosen perspective or a hearty lunch. Apparently, new photos in swimsuit MARUV decided to answer the gossip about the pregnancy.

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