MARUV confessed how her life changed after national selection

The singer said that after the scandal at the nation selection woke up famous

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MARUV призналась, как изменилась ее жизнь после Нацотбора

Singer MARUV

Last year MARUV recorded the song that became a real bomb in the world and has released a music video which gathered over a million views online. And then – she at the last moment appeared at the preselection and raised such a scandal, which the Ukrainian audience had not yet seen. In “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine” has told how her life has changed after the national selection.

“You know, we people like to think through some of James bond, tragedy, scandal, intrigue, and investigation. Sometimes a tomato is just a tomato, you know. Just so happened uncomfortable cards for everyone involved in this situation, because those who conducted the selection, a little thought about the fact that apparently we still have some items to include when you select the participant in the Eurovision song contest, in a situation in which our country is. And then, when they have thought about it, it already was too late. Because the people have chosen. And therefore there is a difficult situation,” says MARUV.

About how her life has changed after Eurovision, said the following:

“Well, I can say with full confidence that I woke up famous after Eurovision, after the scandal. Well, no longer, you know, to live my private life”, – says the singer.

MARUV призналась, как изменилась ее жизнь после Нацотбора

The final of national selection on “Eurovision 2019”

The path to the stage for MARUV was also not easy, and the education she received technical.

“I’m more keen on dancing than vocals. Even wanted to go to the ballet Institute, but had not worked out because I’m tall, so, you know, big. So my parents talked, and I graduated from Radiophysics,” says the artist.

At the Institute it was once again drawn to the creativity. MARUV sang in the band “Constellation”, and has long been active in vocal training. In his student years in his native city of Kharkov together with like minded girl founded the group “ze Pringles”. Even then, they participated in the preselection. And even went to the contest “New wave”. But the explosion never happened.

“I had a good ear, but I had a lot of work. And I do somewhere 5 years spent on your instrument. But it was very interesting,” said the star.

Watch the program “Sravi way” broadcast channel “Ukraine”.

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