MARUV curled into a strange flourish: “There is no Fastum-gel not do”

MARUV свернулась в непонятную загогулину: "Тут без фастум-геля не обойтись"

Popular Ukrainian singer MARUV recently went to Russia on tour. She managed to play in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also performed at the birthday party at producer Joseph Prigogine, who together with his wife, singer Valeria denied entry to the territory of Ukraine. Artist began preparing to release a new track and publish intriguing footage from the shooting of the video for him.

Monday, may 5 MARUV shared in Instagram new pictures. This is footage from the filming of the video for a new song called Mon Amour, which the star recorded in collaboration with popular Swiss DJ Mosimann, reports Clutch.

MARUV свернулась в непонятную загогулину: "Тут без фастум-геля не обойтись"

Under the pictures she wrote that the new track will appear on may 17.

On one of the frames MARUV captured in an interesting pose, the oddity of which could not fail to mention the subscribers. We emphasize that many fans of the actress after her tour in Russia became more sarcastic in the comments.

Fans began to comment on a new photo. A lot of it seemed very strange:

MARUV свернулась в непонятную загогулину: "Тут без фастум-геля не обойтись"

“In the beginning did not even realize that as a Yes”, “Call the exorcist!”, “There is no Fastum gel do not…”, “keep your feet, please. A very dangerous platform, Tho so acrobatics”, “is Not immediately clear where the arm is and where the foot”. write in the comments subscribers

See a video presentation of the new songs MARUV:

Recallthat MARUV in Instagram-stories showed the fans long grey hair indoor stage bow. The singer completely changed the way to the concert, which she gave in the capital of Russia. Fans under the announcement of the upcoming concert showered the singer with compliments.

Photos from the concert in which she is shown with long, gray hair in a black latex jumpsuit that covers the entire body black latex boots dress mesh rhinestone black glasses. A way radically different than those in which Anna Korsun played so far. New suit hides sinful naked body of the artist, is also very different hairstyle of the singer.

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Also Know As.ia wrote the singer of the popular Ukrainian band Freedom Jazz became a mother. Good news, the soloist of the team shared in Facebook.


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