MARUV during the parliamentary elections in 2019 will be played in Russia

Ukrainian singer gave a concert in Novosibirsk

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MARUV во время парламентских выборов 2019 выступала в России


MARUV Ukrainian singer, who recently sang at the concert of Christina Aguilera in Moscow, came back to play in Russia. The fact that the star chose a concert in one of night clubs of Novosibirsk instead of voting in the parliamentary elections in Ukraine, which took place on 21 July 2019.

See story, how was the concert outrageous MARUV in Kiev:

She MARUV does not hide the fact that she continues to act on the Russian stage. The artist often publishes on his page in Instagram photo and video with performances and thanked the audience for warm welcome.

MARUV во время парламентских выборов 2019 выступала в России

Note that it is the frequent performances of the singer in Russia were the subject of the present scandal during the National selection for the Eurovision song contest 2019. The singer said he did not want to associate a policy with the work and will not give up concerts.

Recall that recently MARUV published a photo on which it is difficult not to notice her rounded tummy. Many fans of the singer decided that she’s pregnant. However, it was obvious that this could be the result of a chosen perspective or a hearty lunch. Apparently, new photos in swimsuit MARUV decided to answer the gossip about the pregnancy.

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