MARUV first showed her baby: “What beauty”

MARUV впервые показала свою малышку: "Какие красотки"

yesterday, 19:27

Popular Ukrainian singer Maruv, which won the national selection for Eurovision, but never went because of the scandal around performances in Russia actively maintains his page in Instagram. Recently, the artist exhibited a rare family shot, posing with his three dogs. So, the artist literally a couple of months ago became the happy mistress of a French bulldog named Isolde, and has managed to create her own Instagram account. Outrageous Anna Korsun radically changed hair color, repainted in bright blue.

“Me and my favorite girls ❤amazing game(my favorite girls)”, – kind signed Maruv. Followers will not have passed: “What kind of melachecca😻😻💙”, “What a pretty😻😻😻❤ it’s amazing”, “so cute😻”, “Class”, “💞well, how lovely,” “where all these slinky latex “case””, “Duzhe mil💞❤️💜💙🤗💕”, “AA how cute) You’re beautiful ❤ I”, “🔥wow , so many girls in one photo 😁”, “if didn’t know who’s in the photo – I never would have thought that this is the most famous Maruv))))”.

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MARUV впервые показала свою малышку: "Какие красотки"

MARUV впервые показала свою малышку: "Какие красотки"

MARUV впервые показала свою малышку: "Какие красотки"

Recall MARUV made a strong statement about Eurovision, don’t want to hear it from the Ukrainians.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Polyakov got breast MARUV.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Eurovision organizers have promised harsh punishment for Ukraine for the antics of MARUV.

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