MARUV, Loboda, KAZKA, the failure of Eurovision: the biggest showbiz event in 2019

MARUV, Лобода, KAZKA и провал Евровидения: самые громкие события шоубиза в 2019 году

The Eurovision song contest, photo UNIAN

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The year that ends was rich in various scandals involving stars of show business. The Portal “Tape.ia”. Created recting the loudest among them.

So, visit Svetlana Loboda appeared a photo of a girl posing on a pole in the costume of eve. However, fans of the singer quickly learned that in this photograph the singer found the in another instagram account. The real owner of the photos accused the singer that she retouched to make the girl in it look slimmer. In turn, the Loboda said that it is not claimed that the photograph depicts exactly what it is.

MARUV, Лобода, KAZKA и провал Евровидения: самые громкие события шоубиза в 2019 году

Svetlana Loboda, LiveJournal

A whole series of scandals revolved around the national selection for the Eurovision song contest. In particular, the group KAZKA accused that they used someone else’s melody, to which the producer replied that the song “Crying” is used SAML from audiobank, access to which have all of the producers of the world.

Another scandal of Eurovision was the text of the Treaty, which the winner of the national selection were to conclude with the National broadcasting company of Ukraine. In particular, it contained provisions on refusal to tour in Russia and fines of 2 million hryvnia for non-required relations. Singer MARUV, which became the winner of the national selection, has not agreed to these fines. However, a Board member of NSTU Alexander Koltsov has informed that such agreements have been signed by other members from Ukraine — MELOVIN, O. TORVALD, and so on.

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MARUV, Лобода, KAZKA и провал Евровидения: самые громкие события шоубиза в 2019 году

MARUV, Ukrainian singer, participant of National selection for Eurovision-2018

After this scandal, the leadership of NSTU appealed to the Freedom of Jazz and KAZKA, which won, respectively, second and third place, but they refused. As a result, Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest cigognola did not participate.

Still some participants of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest, duet ANNA MARIA and “Miss Ukraine-2019” Margarita Pasha scored ambiguous answers to the question “Whose Crimea?”. ANNA MARIA said that Crimea is their home, and Margarita Pasha — that the Crimea belongs to all people, the whole planet Earth.

Finally the presenter of the program “heads and tails” Lesya Nikityuk her colleague Alexander Pedan drawing, laying out in the social network video where it receives first aid. And then svyasnoy that the video was specially hired actors.

MARUV, Лобода, KAZKA и провал Евровидения: самые громкие события шоубиза в 2019 году

Lesya Nikityuk JetSetter

Recall that the family of the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk angry online publication of archival photos of the stars of “My fair nanny”.

As reported Znayu secret lover Zavorotnyuk under the noses of Putin presented “the Servant of the people” Zelensky Russia: photo.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Arcobaleno Zavorotnyuk started hunting.

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