MARUV scandal has cancelled a concert in Odessa: all the details

Ukrainian singer said the reason for the disruption of his speech

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On the weekend star of the Odessa battalion wanted to join the Ukrainian singer MARUV, which became a member of the dance show “Dances with stars z”. But, it did not happen!

Scheduled to speak near Akkerman fortress near Odessa was cancelled due to the failure on the part of the organizers of their obligations. These the situation is not a joke angered the singer, so she wrote a huge complaint on his page in Instagram.

MARUV со скандалом отменила выступление под Одессой: все подробности

“Friends, genuinely painful and unpleasant to announce you this news, but, unfortunately, there is no other option! Our planned concert in Odessa region UP MUSIC FEST (Akkerman fortress) will not take place! More than two months together with the organizers we discussed and agreed all household and technical details that are essential to our performances, but to our surprise, faced with blatant negligence and incompetence” – indignantly wrote the singer.

Everything MARUV apologized for disrupting the speech and noted that they have done everything to go on stage.

“We did everything we could to make the performance took place today, but powerless in the face of negligence and indifference, especially to people who are spending time and money and expect our performance! We sincerely apologize and thank each of you for your support, and most importantly the time you have wasted,” concluded the artist.

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At the same time, the organizer of the concert Alexander Padirac accused the singer to cancel appearances: “MARUV settled in the Park “Bay”, but she did not like the room, for which she demanded compensation. I brought the payment and the second part of the fee. But they firmly refused and did not show any desire to resolve the situation. This position I regard as unprofessional, disrespectful to me and, above all, a complete disregard for their fans.”

Immediately after the unfortunate incident, the singer went to Turkey for the shooting of video album, which will be released this fall.

We will remind, the singer MARUV made together with the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2018 Net Barzilai. The girls sang a duet at the concert Europa Plus LIVE in Moscow.

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MARUV со скандалом отменила выступление под Одессой: все подробности

MARUV со скандалом отменила выступление под Одессой: все подробности

MARUV со скандалом отменила выступление под Одессой: все подробности


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