MARUV told what kind of wedding they wanted to have with her husband

The couple have been painted, but the triumph they are not satisfied

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Interview with MARUV

Ukrainian singer MARUV gave an interview to TV channel “Ukraine”, where is explained why she and her husband have still not got married and only got married.

“We met briefly, and almost immediately started living together and got married later. I told him that I won’t forgive you if you don’t arrange the wedding. So on any anniversary, we will make a cool wedding. I’ll invite you. I have a very big family, many relatives. Perhaps only my family will be 40, I think. All my friends, I have a lot of friends and I since high school, been friends with many people. Artists will be invited. In short, make enchanting wedding.”

MARUV рассказала, какую свадьбу они бы хотели устроить с мужем


The journalist asked the singer what kind of dress she will choose for the celebration. The artist replied that it would be a white dress in retro style.

Earlier in the interview Today.Lifestyle MARUV told about an unexpected hobby, dirty show business and her future plans. In addition MARUV told about the relationship with her husband, going to therapy and turbulent student years.

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Blitz. MARUV

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