MARUV was going to conquer the Kazakh stage

MARUV собралась покорять казахскую сцену

The singer will perform in Kazakhstan.

The winner of the National selection “Eurovision 2019” Ukrainian singer MARUV often pleases many fans of news and photos on his official page in Instagram, reports the with reference to Znaiu.

The flamboyant artist and this time using the social network said nice to his fans the news. As it turned out, the actress was asked to perform in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.

On his page in the social network of Anna Korsun (the name MARUV) has published a number of photos from their performances in one of the clubs of the capital. To perform at the concert, the artist and her soubelet not dressed more modest than at the national selection for Eurovision.

So, the girls dressed in black tights-mesh, white blouses, lace corsets and black panties. And most importantly, they are all on huge heels. In the dance MARUV and her girls are even more sex than on the stage of national selection, more there of candor and spicy poses.

In the caption to the photo Anna Korsun wrote: “@zaza.astana it was an amazing night. Thank you.” As it turned out, night club ZAZA in Astana celebrated his birthday, and MARUV was a special guest at the event. There it is, of course, went not alone, but with his girls dancers.

Fans of the stars did not disregard such publication and began actively to discuss it. Someone supports MARUV someone condemns, while others simply admire the bold image of the girl and her friends in these photos.


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