Marvel is preparing a TV series “she-Hulk”, “Moon knight” and “Ms. marvel”

It’s the new characters that will enter a new phase of kynoselen

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Marvel готовит сериалы "Женщина-Халк", "Лунный рыцарь" и "Мисс Марвел"


The head of Marvel studios Kevin Feige announced that the streaming service Disney+, in addition to the previously announced TV series “Loki”, “the Wanda/vision”, “the Falcon and the Winter soldier” and “Hawkeye,” will launch another three new projects: “she-Hulk”, “Moon knight” and “Ms. marvel”.

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The show-run the series about the first superhero-a Muslim Kamala Khan, aka “Ms. marvel” will be the British writer bisha K. Ali.

The first appearance of Khan was held in Captain Marvel #14 (August, 2013), before she became the main character of a solo Ms series. Marvel, released in February 2014. In the story, this girl is Pakistani-American from Jersey city, possessing the ability to deform your body. She discovers his inhuman genes and takes the name Ms. marvel from her idol Carol Danvers, when she becomes Captain marvel.

On comics she-Hulk cousin of Bruce Benner named Jennifer Walters. Was created by Stan Lee and Joe Buscema and first appeared in The Savage She-Hulk # 1 Feb 1980. When you hurt her, Bruce gave her a blood transfusion, as only he could become a donor; because of the radioactive blood mutated Jennifer as it was with her cousin, and turned into she-Hulk. In contrast to Benner, she quickly learned to control his second personality and even preferred to be in the way of the Hulk.

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“Moon knight” is the story of Marc Spector, a CIA operative who saved from death the ancient egipetski God Conches, offering to give him a second life and new powers, if he becomes an incarnation (avatar) on the Earth and will serve him. After the “rebirth” of the Moon knight was superhuman, which, however, is largely dependent on the moon. In the night of a full moon his power is greatly increased, making it more than ten strong men; also greatly increased the speed, endurance, agility. First appeared in the comics in 1975.

It also became known that the series Loki will shoot Kate Herron (“Sex education”). In “the Falcon and the Winter soldier” will be a new character named John Walker, MDM will play Wyatt Russell (“Black mirror”).

Recall that in kenogamissi “Eternal” will be the actress Gemma Chan, who played a Minnesota North stars j-the ERV in the “Captain marvel”.

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