Marwa Loud responds to criticism about his weight : “mean incredible”

Marwa Loud répond aux critiques sur son poids : "Des méchancetés incroyables"

Marwa Loud responds to criticism about his weight : “I’ve been able to play of nonsense”

After the release of his title are Going to the big in feat with Naza, Marwa Loud has received much criticism on her weight. The singer has decided to respond to these “absurdities” with a message quite poignant on Instagram. She also confides on the grossophobie in an interview with Europe 1.

If the success has had a negative impact on his life, Marwa Loud quietly with his musical career and has unveiled a few days ago Going to large, a song, in feat with Naza, to defend the overweight people.

Marwa Loud victim of grossophobie, it responds to the haters

A song that has had a positive impact, but not that since some people used to make fun of the weight of the singer. Marwa Loud their answers today with a strong message : “This weekend, I was able to read absurdities and viciousness incredible so I have this intimate need to you speak. First of all I would like to thank all the caring individuals who have played the game with my last title and, above all, which have understood the message. In spite of all : You don’t imagine for one second what a person is BOUND, either by his overweight, under weight, her hair, her nose, her mouth, her eyes or her skin color can feel.

The interpreter of My Life then wrote : “Get up every day being sickened by the image that it returns, by the criticism that we will take full in the face by classmates, lack of tact, by colleagues, obsessed by the desire to be the ‘best’ by his family because they think wanting our good, and therefore grants the right of ‘everything’ we say. Is what you know what it’s like to see your pseudo symbols of beauty to 1 million likes per post, while we are harvesting so many dislikes ?

Is that you know what it is to seek all the days of the new regime that we will not be to YOUR taste ? Is what you know what it is to be put to sleep by general anesthesia to smooth over a defect that YOU don’t like? I do not wish to make the promotion of people like me because I know what it feels like in everyday life. I want this title to the promotion of ‘loving yourself’. I am pretty, I have style, and when I forget this that you think of me I feel myself so fresh !!“, concludes Marwa Loud.

“I was not expecting that you think that I make fun of overweight people”

The artist is also back on these criticisms and on the grossophobie after his title Go big in an interview with Europe 1 : “I was expecting criticism on the weight of course, but I was not expecting that you think that I make fun of overweight people (…) My intention is not to encourage people to gain weight. The only thing I wanted to do is to make them accept their weight and tell them that they are beautiful.

Marwa Loud explains : “It is possible that I decide to lose weight, but I’ll do it for me. The most important thing is to do for ourselves not because we are told that it is a little big. (…) It is very complicated for us to see the image it reflects, to listen to criticism of a comrade, a colleague, or even of his family. It encompasses so many things, but the people are not aware of it. (…) We reject the fat because it does not match the symbol of beauty today.

Marwa Loud victim of grossophobie : she responds

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