Mary (Isle of temptation) and Julien, a fake couple ? She responds

Marie (L'Île de la tentation) et Julien, un faux couple ? Elle répond

Mary (Isle of temptation) and Julien, a fake couple ? She responds

In the new season of The Island of temptation, which is broadcast on W9, Julien and Marie are venus to test if their age difference (14 years) was not going to be an obstacle for their relationship. The doubts are more numerous for lovers, but the viewers, themselves, suspect to be a fake couple. The candidate answers them.

Couples will they be able to resist the temptation ? So for the moment, Malika and Mehdi really do not have to worry, this is not the same song to Lysa & Nicolas, Molie & Kevin, Tyla & Jonathan and Julien & Mary. The first two camp fires of The Island of the temptation has been quite complicated for these duets, and the rest of the adventure promises to be even more sensitive to Julien and Marie. The candidate, 41-year-old is going to be even more seductive, while her boyfriend, 27-year-old will get closer to even more of the single Marine.

A couple fake in The Island of temptation ?

The fragility of the cup polls strongly : the two candidates would not be together just for the tv ? The internet users also have doubts because Mary has already participated in several programs as We exchanged our moms, So true , or Forbidden Zone. Then, Julien and his sweetheart are they living a story truthful ? “It is not a couple fake, we really met in Lanzarote. We had a real stroke of lightning, “explains Marie on Snapchat.

On his side, Florence Fayard, executive director of Banijay, has assured the sincerity of the couples at the press conference on The Island of temptation (to introduce the new season on W9) : “We had need of couples voluntary. We did not go to seek them out on social networks as it can be done for other castings. You really needed that approach come from them. The 5 couples present, at the time they applied, were living a real questioning.

Why this change of name ?

In addition to this question about Julien and Marie, viewers are wondering why the candidate no longer called Séverine, as in its previous broadcasts : “I have a gift of mediumship that I wasn’t living before. Today I assume, I am working on a platform and on this platform, I called Mary and, as in The Island of temptation it is said that I am medium, I have kept my name for work. I called Séverine Mary, “says the candidate. It is easier to understand !


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