Maryna Poroshenko VS Elena Zelensky: who will be the most stylish first lady?

Compare the images of the wives of the main presidential candidates of Ukraine

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Марина Порошенко VS Елена Зеленская: кто станет самой стильной первой леди страны?

Maryna Poroshenko VS Elena Zelensky: the most stylish first lady

Today, April 21, second round of presidential elections in Ukraine. And while everyone is arguing about who will take the presidency for the next five years, we will try to decide whose wife and future first lady of the country, the most stylish and elegant. Further, the material Today.Lifestyle consider the images of Maryna Poroshenko and Elena Zelensky.

Maryna Poroshenko: sleek and feminine

The wife of the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Maryna Poroshenko – is particularly elegant and the ability to combine their outfit understated style with the fashion trends. At all public events she looks neat and sophisticated. In the fashion Arsenal Marina blue dresses with embroidery, classical, ethnic motifs and decorations, which always perfectly complement her image.

Марина Порошенко VS Елена Зеленская: кто станет самой стильной первой леди страны?

Maryna Poroshenko in the pale blue dress

There is a wardrobe Maryna Poroshenko and more luxurious things. The President’s wife favours clothes by Ukrainian designers and brands, including Oksana Flies, Lilia Poustovit and Vita kin.

Maryna Poroshenko wears heels, suits and skirts. Color scheme of her attire is always in the baseline, low-key shades.

We can say that the wife of Peter Poroshenko to its status of the first lady and knows exactly what is the dress code. She looks equally good as in Ukrainian national costume, and in a more modern dress or suit.

As for makeup, here the wife of the President prefers natural beauty. Marina Poroshenko is difficult to see a bright make, with the exception of a light emphasis on the eyes and subtle lipstick. Her hair is almost always in a bun or slightly laid light waves.

Elena Zelensky: bright and flashy

The wife of Vladimir Zelensky, who can become the new President of Ukraine, rarely appeared in public, than its “competitor” Maryna Poroshenko. Because to describe the style of a possible future main lady is a bit more complicated.

At a polling station during the first round, as in the announcement of the provisional results of the vote on March 31 Elena Zelenskaya has not gone unnoticed. The wife of the comedian in one day was replaced by two images: in plaid outfit she dropped the ballot into the ballot box, and in the evening stood next to Zelensky in a red suit and a black top.

Марина Порошенко VS Елена Зеленская: кто станет самой стильной первой леди страны?

Elena Zelensky and Vladimir Zelensky during the announcement of the results of the first round of elections

And although Elena Zelensky prefer the classic colors, her style of outfits are very diverse. At various events photographers captured her in a jacket-black leather jackets and dress in total black onions, in a pant suit or sundress in a peas.

With confidence we can say that in case of a victory of Vladimir Zelensky, his wife will have to revise their preferences in clothing and very responsible to choose the images, because public opinion will be drawn to it no less than a possible new President.

We will remind that earlier the President met with the Queen of Spain Letizia, with whom he discussed issues of inclusive education and the rights of children with disabilities.

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