Mascouche is that the mask is mandatory throughout the Greater Montreal

Mascouche veut que le masque soit obligatoire dans tout le Grand Montréal

MASCOUCHE – The mask will be mandatory in enclosed public places in Montreal, from the 27 July, but the measure has no meaning if it does not apply to the entire metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM), a judge or the mayor of Mascouche.

Guillaume Tremblay wants to see the port of the mask required to apply in the public places of the municipality, and request to Quebec to intervene.

“You can’t say one side “when you go to Montreal in the public places, you are forced to have a mask” and on the other side “when it comes to Mascouche, Longueuil, take off your mask”” has shown the mayor of the city of Lanaudière.

According to him, the more the rules are clear in the CMM, the more they will be understood by the general population and therefore applied.

If the government does not impose the mask mandatory everywhere in the CMM, it would have to Mascouche make regulatory changes, which could take up to a month and a half, says Guillaume Tremblay.

“We don’t have public health in the cities bordering Montreal. It is for this reason that we ask the Quebec government to do it quickly,” said mayor Tremblay.

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