Masha Efrosinina talked about his “superpowers”

Leading could not decide whether to admit the unusual ability

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Маша Ефросинина рассказала о своей "суперспособности"

Masha Efrosinina said Hayter

Filming the super show “Divalign people”, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine”, popular presenter and expert of the TV show Masha Efrosinina surprised the audience with unexpected recognition.

One of the participants of the eighth episode of the super show “Divalign people to become superwhat” Oleg Kravchenko, who is able to define any component in the bouquet of aromas.

Talking to him, the project expert Masha Efrosinina decided to surprise the audience: “I have long hesitated whether to go for this candour… But I also have a unique ability – I have a hypersensitive sense of smell. With your eyes closed can know a person even if he is in another room, just feeling its aroma. Or even say what kind of wine drinking husband in the evening red or white.”

Маша Ефросинина рассказала о своей "суперспособности"

Experts and host of the show “Divalign people”

In addition, Mary asked Oleg Kravchenko help her choose the ingredients for flavor, which, in the opinion of “perfume”, it will fit.

“I think that for you, Masha, suitable blueberry, licorice and a little citrus,” said Oleg.

But for the singer Olya Polyakova party super show channel “Ukraine” advised a combination of lychee, melon, pineapple and citrus fruits, citing that her “expressive, bright and active nature”.

“Quite right! I love sweet and sour flavors. By the way, my husband always chooses for me the perfume that I fall in love” – commented Olga Polyakova.

We will remind, finalist show “Divalign people” can touch to distinguish 400 types of dogs.

Previously, we reported that the seventh finalist of the show “Divalign people” draws two portraits simultaneously with both hands.

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