Masha Efrosinina was named the best city in the world. Video

Маша Ефросинина назвала лучшие города мира. Видео

The leading has made its own ranking of cities.

Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina loves to travel. The star not only goes on holiday abroad, but also because, according to the with reference to the Telegraph.

So many cities is already in the list, in which Masha Efrosinina visited, but only 5 of them will remember her for life.

“What I remember about London? My ties to Magadan? Why do I always want to go back to Barcelona? Where we first became close with my future husband?” Why new York is for me linked with romantic memories?, such issues were highlighted leading.

“Today, my roundabout is dedicated to the most memorable cities in my life”, announced Masha Efrosinina.

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