Mask “bashing” in Quebec?

Du «masque bashing» au Québec?

With the recent good news regarding the evolution of the pandemic in Quebec, many good habits have melted like snow in the sun with the return of summer temperatures, some even go so far as to inveigh against those who follow the instructions of public health.

The images from the falls of Rawdon, Sunday, are a good example of the laxity observed by many citizens and experts in the population. A behavior is risky in the eyes of the emergency physician Alain Vadeboncoeur.

“So much the better if with us it will get better currently, but imagine that all this is behind us and completely change our behaviour, unfortunately, is to play a little with fire,” he warned.

It is particularly concerned about the low adhesion to the mask, which can be seen easily in the streets of Quebec, even in the most affected areas.

“There’s a whole debate that is getting worse fairly unpleasant, notes Dr. Vadeboncoeur. There are people who are neither more nor less disgust because they wear the mask. As if the mask was something you do not want to see.”

“It’s still pretty fabulous because the mask mainly serves to protect the other. It is a sign of respect,” he complained.

The wearing of the mask has still not been made mandatory by Quebec, and recent statistics on the evolution of the pandemic are not likely to encourage the government to impose short-term, according to Dr. Vadeboncoeur. It is, however, an additional weapon that could deploy public health during the second wave.

Because the probability to avoid a second wave is very low, ” he recalls.

“It would be a first in the great pandemics,” he said. In these pandemics, there is a second wave.”

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