Mask mandatory: merchants refuse to “play the police”

Masque obligatoire: les commerçants refusent de «jouer à la police»

The government should quickly put in place fines that are proportionate directly targeting the consumers that do not cover face, say organizations, representatives of traders and companies that demand flexibility.

In effect as of Saturday, the port of the cover face is now mandatory in enclosed public places, but merchants worry about having to play the role of peace officers.

More than a dozen organizations have pleaded Saturday for Québec adjusts the shooting and empowers individuals.

“The logic dictates that we pay for our own mistakes and not those of others. This same logic should apply to this new requirement,” said Gopinath Jeyabalaratnam, the canadian Federation of independent business (CFIB).

If they agree on the importance and the need to put in place better measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, these organizations, representing almost all businesses call for greater civic responsibility.

As well, they regret that the punitive measures to the consumers had not been established, particularly in the short term.

“While retailers have shown that they act responsibly in the sanitary measures imposed, why it now feels the need to impose fines to implement the measurement port of the mask by the customers?” asked Stéphane Drouin, executive director of the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD).

The organizations recalled that “so far all of the risks and stress related to the application of the rules is the responsibility of the employees and the owners of the shops”.

“Some stores, already at my wits end, will once again have to dip into pockets already empty, in order to allocate staff to the police function that the government imposes on us. Do not throw more, the court is full,” said Marc Fortin, president of the canadian Council of retail – Québec (RCC).

David Lefebvre, vice-president of federal Affairs, and for Quebec, in Restaurants of Canada has not hesitated to argue that “the precedent set is dangerous.”

“It is foolish that employees of restaurants are responsible for wearing a mask in the customers and that only fines or penalties “excludes individuals who would possibly-faulty”, he lamented.

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