Mask required: a measure still too “shy”, according to Dr. Amir Khadir

Masque obligatoire: une mesure encore trop «timide», selon le Dr Amir Khadir

More than two weeks after asking Quebec to make compulsory the wearing of masks in public places, the Dr Amir Khadir still considers to be too “shy” to the announcement made on Tuesday by the government, which is limited to public transport.

“I find the decision good, but really too shy”, slice the infectiologist and the microbiologist.

Dr. Khadir, like several other experts, points out that wearing a mask has not yet been adopted by a majority of Quebecers, although its efficacy has been demonstrated, and that the government recommends the use.

Hence the importance, according to him, imitate the asian countries by making compulsory the wearing of the mask in all public places for persons of 12 years and older.

“There was a lot of hurt in our society by imposing restrictions much more important for three months, with disastrous consequences on the health of many people, on our economy, and, there, you hesitate for a measure that is so simple to do that,” he complained.

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“I am quite troubled to see this weakness, this difficulty of making a resolution, and this failure to recognise the success of asian countries,” says the microbiologist.

South Korea, for example, has seen a second wave of COVID-19, despite the measures, but the country has managed to quickly control the transmission.

“We have lessons to learn and to accept, that we are given by the best experts from asia,” he says.

The prime minister François Legault did not rule out Tuesday the possibility of making the wearing of masks mandatory in public places – it is currently “highly recommended”.

In Quebec, as of July 13, the mask will be mandatory in all buses and in the underground, but transport companies will not deny offenders as of 27 July. No fines will be also imposed on offenders.


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