Mask Singer 4: the Turtle grilled by Internet users thanks to this detail on his costume

Mask Singer 4: the Turtle grilled by Internet users thanks to this death ;tail on his costume

By Mathis Ferrut Journalist people, TV, reality TV Fascinated by the world of media from an early age, television has no secrets for him. Loft Story, Star Academy, Secret Story, the Ch'tis, the Marseillais… He is a real encyclopedia of reality TV. He is also a fan of sports (particularly football and Paris Saint-Germain) and music. He listens to everything and his playlists surprise more than one! This Tuesday, October 4, 2022, TF1 broadcast the semi-final of Mask Singer 4. The Monkey, played by Alizée, was eliminated, while the Bride, the Elephant and the Turtle qualified for the grand final. If investigators have already figured out which star is hidden under the Elephant and have any idea who the Bride is, they are completely lost on the Turtle. Internet users are convinced that they have discovered his identity thanks to a detail on his costume… 2022. On the occasion of the semi-final, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc, Vitaa and Kev Adams, saw a fifth investigator land: Inès Reg, hidden under the mask of Tigress. His costume has also been widely criticized on social networks.

But the main interest of this episode 7 was the continuation of the competition. The Turtle, the Monkey, the Bride and the Elephant have given everything to hope to win their place for the grand finale which will take place next Tuesday. It was finally the Monkey who was eliminated and we discovered that he was hiding Alizée. We also learned that the singer should have participated in the previous season, but had to cancel due to a serious injury.

A clue that no longer leaves of doubt about the identity of the Turtle

During the bonus, in addition to attending the performances of the characters, the jury was also able to discover new clues about their identity. Regarding the Turtle, despite the many clues and theories that we have listed for you, they are completely lost. However, the character revealed a detail on his costume which immediately caught the attention of internet users.

Mask Singer 4: The Grilled Turtle by Internet users thanks to this detail on his costume

The Turtle reveals a tattoo.

My costume clue, it's here. And it's not just on my costume,” Turtle said, pointing to the compass rose tattoo.

On Twitter, many fans already thought that Amaury Vassili was the Turtle and this clue confirmed them in their choice. Indeed, they noticed that the singer had a tattoo that looks suspiciously like the one on the costume.

It's been literally 4 years since I say that it's Amaury Vassili, who has exactly the same tattoo on the arm“, “Good, it's confirmed, it's Amaury Vassili, it's his tattoo“, “Good, the tattoo validates Amaury Vassili“, “The Tortoise is Amaury Vassili. He has a tattoo that is like his costume clue“, can we read, among other things, on Twitter.

So, is Amaury Vassili really hidden under the Tortoise's costume? Answer next week!