Mask Singer : a look back on all the clues revealed, how will you discover a star ?

Mask Singer : retour sur tous les indices révélés, saurez-vous découvrir une star ?

Mask Singer : a look back on all the indices of the first premium

Who are the stars behind the masks in the Mask Singer ? The first premium has lifted the veil on many of the indices for the hippocampus, the eagle, the panda, the unicorn and the monster. Back on all the indices of the first bonus to try to guess who is who.

Mask Singer has started this Friday the 8th of November 2019 on TF1. The new show, hosted by Camille Combal is a competition of singing a little bit special since all the candidates are celebrities (athletes, actors, singers, politicians…) and all are disguised. They face off in duels and are decided by the “jury”, made up of Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Jarry and Anggun, and by the viewers. That will go as far as possible ? But the question that everyone asks especially : who are the stars ?

Internet users have provided a number of theories on who is behind these masks, and a candidate who was eliminated, has had to remove his costume. It is of the panther, who was hiding, in fact, Marie Jose-Perec, the only athlete French has to be triple olympic champion. But who are the other people in disguise ? Back on all the indices of the first bonus to try and guess !

The first clues as to the hippocampus

Mask Singer : looking back on the first clues as to the hippocampus

While TF1 had uncovered the first clues about the celebrities who have participated in Mask Singer before the premium, videos, special indices have been broadcast during the program. The hippocampus has thus confessed : “You have seen me on the large and on the small screen”, “cinema I love films but I also like comedies and films with bigger budgets”. And even if “one-period” he has “known the closet”, he “always keep the smile all the time”. “I can cause a lot of injuries” he also said, “some of my choices are not popular” , and “I is assumed to be a rebel”. “The scene makes me feel good, I would have a lot of trouble to let me pass” and “I am sure that you are familiar with my laugh” he confided.

Outside of his confession, the hippocampus has given other clues, showing himself in front of a flag of Sweden, dancing a little bit of french cancan and revealing a sock black, by means of one of the guards of the body that is in the video. For Alessandra Sublet and Kev Adams, it would be perhaps of Arielle Dombasle.

The first clues on the eagle

Mask Singer : looking back on the first clues on the eagle

“Of the character, the style : it’s all me” has ensured the eagle, “good feathers, it’s not really my genre. You’re not too used to see me like that. However, you know me since a good time already and you know that donning costumes very different does not bother me” and “with the number of disguises I’ve worn in my life, one can even speak of a ritual”. “Me ye have not always been single, I’ve often been a part of a team” he also said, “you know very well the band around me”. And it does not get bored : “I have several lives because I have several activities,” including “one that brings together all my passions is writing”.

In the video, there are the following indexes : an electric guitar, a flash photo, a red target with a revolver or even a flamenco dancer. When one of his body guards starts to turn and then to turn the light off, several jurors think of the famous scene of “day, night” for the film The visitors , and imagine, therefore, that it may be Christian clavier. But after, they say that it could also be the Gipsy Kings compared to the guitar, the dancer and the writing, which can be had for a song.

The first clues on the panda

Mask Singer : looking back on the first clues on the panda

The panda is defined as such : “The franchise, the strength but also the mystery are traits of my personality”. “My teenage years I bathed in the rap”, “my nights it was towards evening, hip hop, and my days were full of appointments with my friends to do the breakdance” he added, “the dance steps, it knows me”. “I was raised in the midst of different cultures, with different languages,” he detailed, “the diversity and intermingling of cultures can be felt clearly in my universe”. By confessing to be “entered in the court of the greats” being “very young”, jurors have thought it would be Jordy, who sang hard-Hard to be a baby.

Other clues : a chain and glasses gold very bling-bling, a radio, a shirt of basketball, a skateboard park, a dance hall, fans who ask for autographs and offer roses or even a geisha.

The first clues on the unicorn

Mask Singer : looking back on the first clues about the unicorn

“I am gentle and magical, but I am also very rock” announced the unicorn. “I liked being part of a group” and “in this group, several of us have had a journey stupendous” he continued. “I love singing since childhood, make vocalizations like a diva has always been a passion. Where I am, I would have been able to finish professional singer of opera, but fate decided otherwise,” he confided, “my voice you know it by heart,” and “you have heard me in records very different”. Alessandra Sublet us see Marianne James behind the mask.

An air of opera house, an opera house, a room of girl decor girly but also a red nose of a clown and a circus tent are part of other indexes.

The first clues as to the monster

Mask Singer : looking back on the first clues as to the monster

“I come from a magical universe and I am an eternal child” prevents the monster, “I’ve always wanted to give me a spectacle, pleasing to the public and to receive his love” because “for me you are like my family”. “In my career, I’ve been lucky : I’ve met beautiful people, I also attended high-placed people and I had access to mythical places such as Bercy and even the Elysée” he revealed.

Among the other indices, there is a panel Paris 6214 miles (about 10,000 kilometers), an amusement park, and especially a star, that is to say to Jarry that this might be one of the footballers of the Blue that had been received at the Elysée palace after becoming champions of the world. Others have also mentioned a possible magician.

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