“Mask Singer” in France: Jean-Marc Généreux unmasked

«Mask Singer


Dancer and choreographer Jean-Marc Généreux, who participated in the fifth season of “Mask Singer” (“Masked singers”), in France, was eliminated on Friday. 

The Quebecer presented himself as the Lama and offered a very rock number, in which he delivered a potpourri of Elvis Presley. A great admirer of the “King”, “the stars were aligning”, he said to himself when he saw his costume on paper for the first time, French magazine “Télé-Loisir” reported on Saturday. < /p>

In anticipation of his appearance on the show, the dancer told this media, after his elimination, to have taken singing lessons from the moment he knew he would participate in the show. He said he took this adventure very “seriously”, even though he knew his singing skills were limited. 

“I took that moment very seriously. For me, it wasn't important to go to the next stage, what was, it was that the first thing people say to themselves is not: “oh the fuck, why did he is set to sing?”. I wanted to be able to line up two notes,” he said in the interview he gave to “Télé-Loisir”. 

Jean-Marc Généreux commuted between Montreal and Paris during the filming of “Mask Singer”. He participated in the filming of the Hallmark TV movie “Dancing Detective”, for which he was choreographer, in addition to starting the first filming of the fifth season of “Revolution”, for TVA. 

Friday evening, the adventure also stopped for the caterpillar. It was Passe-Partout (André Bouchet, his real name), the character from the show “Fort Boyard” who was there.