Mask Singer : leaks about stars hidden under the disguises ? Camille Combal reacts

Mask Singer : des fuites à propos des stars cachés sous les déguisements ? Camille Combal réagit

Mask Singer : Camille Combal pissed off by the leak of the names of certain celebrities, “it is null”

It is this Friday, November 8, 2019 that TF1 launches the talent show phenomenon, Mask Singer ! The mystery around the identity of the celebrities, hidden behind a costume and a mask, intrigue… to such a point that some names have been leaked on the web, which annoys visibly Camille Combal. The facilitator responds.

Twelve celebrities compete in Mask Singer. Small particularity, we do not know their identity, and to keep the mystery, they are dressed in an amazing costume and mask : the candidates can also be singers, actors, athletes or politicians. The list is long, and the first clues do not help us a lot… and every time, the 4 members of the jury, Kev Adams, Anggun, Jarry, and Alessandra Sublet will try to guess what personality is behind the disguise.

“It is completely stupid to do this”

And if he’s going to have to be patient, some people do not seem to have wanted to be since they have leaked the name of a few stars in the press, which has not made a laughing Camille Combal : “We talk a lot of names and it is normal for there to be a search for the identity of the stars. But spoiler is spoiling the party. It’s no good. It is completely stupid to do this. I’m a fan of Koh-Lanta, I would hate to know the winner of the show several weeks before the final, “says the announcer in Tv Entertainment.

The presenter of Dancing with the stars 10 then stated : “It irritates us about all of our friends we spoilent the end of a series or a movie. I would have hated to know the names before running the program. I’ve played the game thoroughly. I searched with Anggun, Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams and Jarry. I am like them, I say, huge shit. What is crazy with this game is that on some costumes, we were all in agreement on the identity of the star. And finally it was all wrong.

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