Mask Singer : the Lion and the Cupcake disposed of, discover their identity

Mask Singer : le Lion et le Cupcake éliminés, découvrez leur identité

Mask Singer : the Lion and the Cupcake disposed of, discover the identity of the two stars

This Friday the 6th of December was marked by the elimination of the two new candidates of Mask Singer. On the program this week ? What are the identities of the Lion and the Cupcake that were revealed. So, what celebrities are hiding under these masks ? It tells you everything.

This Friday, December 6, has once again shown to be fatal for the candidates of Mask Singer, the music show of TF1. After The bee (Joyce Jonathan) and the Dino (Yves Lecoq) in the past week, two new mascots/stars have left the show.

The Lion

Throughout his career, in the Mask Singer, this amazing candidate had unveiled a few clues extremely confusing as “In my life, nobody has rolled out the red carpet. I really fought to get where I am“, “This first delivery was like my first album. He did not frankly convinced” and “One of my sons became a professional athlete.” Something that totally disrupt the jury composed of Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams, Anggun and Jarry, who has in turn submitted names all more improbable than the others. It reminds us that even when one of Alexander Benalla has even been quoted…

But then, who was really under that mask ? The answer is simple : David Douillet. World Champion, Europe and olympic Judo, it was then Sports minister between 2011/2012, hosted a few tv shows and one of his son’s basketball at a small level in France.

Mask Singer : which celebrity is hiding under the mask of a Lion ? David Douillet

The Cupcake

If all candidates do not sing necessarily well, in the show, The Cupcake was good in our ears during his or her participation. A surprise ? Not really. As had been entrusted to the mascot : “If I master both the voice, it is because I took singing lessons. I am not afraid of challenges. It is through this that today, I can sing as well as the greatest singers.” A very important clue, especially as she then added,”With this voice, equally at ease in English and in French, we often get asked if I’m canadian or québécoise.

Bingo for the jurors who have immediately made the connection with… Natasha St-Pier. Spotted in the musical comedy Notre-Dame de Paris (international version), she then represented France at the Eurovision in 2001 (4th place), was sworn-in to The Voice in Belgium, and has enjoyed success with titles such as “You will find”.

Mask Singer : which celebrity is hiding under the mask of the Cupcake ? Natasha St-Pier

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