Mask Singer : who’s hiding under the masks ? Theories of internet users

Mask Singer : qui se cache sous les masques ? Les théories des internautes

Mask Singer : who’s hiding under the masks ? Theories of internet users

The emission Mask Singer has been driven crazy by the internet users on Friday 8 November 2019 ! They have all conducted their investigation to try to discover the celebrities hidden under the costumes : only Marie-José Pérec has for the moment been unveiled. Waiting for the next premium, the theories continue to come on Twitter. Louane, Florence Foresti, Alban Ivanov… check out the names mentioned.

Big success for TF1 with the launch of Mask Singer, presented by Camille Combal ! 6.6 million viewers were in front of the show Friday evening to witness the passage of the unicorn, the hippocampus, the panda, the eagle, the panther and the monster. All the candidates were impressed, but unfortunately for the panther, she was eliminated at the end of the first premium. So who was hiding behind this mask ? Marie-José Pérec, athlete, triple olympic champion. This revelation surprised a lot of people since they expected to find a star better known : “who is It ?” have asked the most number of internet users.

Internet users conduct their investigation

As the investigators of Mask Singer, Kev Adams, Jarry, Alessandra Sublet and Anggun, the Tweeters have not failed to share their theories on the celebrities remaining in the new issue of TF1. Some names often come back, especially for the unicorn and the hippocampus : the eagle and the monster, them, divide more. In order to see more clearly, we’ll list just below the figures proposed in function of the costume.

The unicorn

Laurence Boccolini
Valérie Damidot
Bérengère Krief
Armande Altai
Magalie Vaé (Star Academy)
Helene Segara

The hippocampus

Florence Foresti
Audrey Lamy
Marion Cotillard

The panda

Priscilla Betti
Julie Zenatti
Géraldine Nakache
Loïc Nottet
Myriam Abel

The monster

Alban Ivanov
Antoine Duléry
Patrick Sébastien
Stéphane Rousseau
Christophe Willem
Fabrice Lucchini

and a little troll :

The eagle

Vincent Lagaf
Gérard Darmon
Karl Zero
Bernard Campan (The Unknown)
André Manoukian
Chantal Ladesou
Franck Dubosc
Jonathan Lambert
Marc Lavoine

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