Mask with a window: as effective as the other

Masque avec fenêtre: aussi efficace que les autres

The body Hearing Quebec does not explain why Rosalie Taillefer-Simard has been denied access to a trade then that she wore a mask with a transparent window.

“I do not understand why they refused to Rosalie to enter this trade, because the government has put online a tutorial to show people how to build one,” explained Jeanne Choquette, president of the organization, in an interview with TVA News.

This tutorial, prepared by Belgium, was approved by the epidemiologists of the country, according to Ms. Choquette.

“The protection is as good as a covers face ordinary,” she said.

Not only for the hearing impaired

This mask with a transparent film allows you to see the mouth. It helps other communities.

“People with autism, people who have a deficiency of the language, immigrants who learn French, the children learning the language, the speech-language pathologists say. People who have dementia, who have a developmental disability,” said the chair of the Hearing Quebec.

“The mask is opaque, it is a failure of communication rather important”, she added.

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