Masks “made in China” in the Communes

Masks & laquo; made in China & raquo; aux Communes

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The use of Chinese-made Henghao masks in the House of Commons in Ottawa arouses indignation in Louiseville. & nbsp;

Entreprise Prémont, a manufacturer masks of procedure, rebels against this foreign competition in a sector which has become highly strategic. The company is frustrated because it quickly raised a hand, like other players, at the start of the pandemic to respond to governments' cry for help and participate in the war effort.

< p>“We are going to research our old contracts that we had in the past with the old manufacturing suppliers in China. There is the whole issue of traceability. I can not believe it. It's clearly absurd, ”laments Luc Girard, CEO of Entreprise Prémont, manufacturer of the Humask.


The mayor of Louiseville, Yvon Deshaies, does not understand, especially since he had the impression that a state of cold war reigned currently between Canada and China. “Today when we see that, it's sad. It's sad and we are at war with China, “observed the elected official.

The Conservative opposition in Ottawa demands accountability. “To see that we have products distributed falsely approved by the American FDA, it is incomprehensible”, launches the conservative deputy for Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles, Pierre Paul-Hus. “We will try to understand why Canadian companies are not privileged,” he adds.

The Trudeau government argues that when the orders were placed, still few masks were produced in Canada. “The pandemic created special circumstances. We had to order large quantities and the government's number one priority remains the safety of Canadians ”, indicates Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Heritage.

Millions of masks in excess

Entreprise Prémont had to slow down its production of masks and lay off half of its staff. She finds herself with millions of extra window masks, them that Quebec has never finally bought for daycares. Several million of these masks will be donated to organizations after the holiday season.

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