Masters Tournament: The Top 3 Best Traditional Augusta National Sandwiches

Masters Tournament: Top 3 Best Traditional Augusta National Sandwiches


AUGUSTA | After the traditional question of the green jackets as to whether one can find even a small imperfection on the property, another question comes up every year at the Masters Tournament. What's the best sandwich on the concession menu?

According to Fall 2020 Champion Dustin Johnson, they're just as delicious as each other. They are also his favorite when he arrives in Augusta. So much so that he participated in a humorous culinary capsule of the famous club before defending his title in 2021. He then prepared the “pimento cheese” according to the traditional recipe. 

It's all a question disgust. Like wine. Tastes are not discussed, they say. 

So which takes the prize among the traditional egg, chicken salad, pimento cheese, ham and cheese, classic chicken, Masters club, chicken biscuit and Bar-B-Que sandwiches? Smoked pulled pork sandwich? 

Tasteful isn't it? And for between $1.50 and $3 as a bonus! 

Fierce race

In 2021, the Augusta National had launched a novelty that quickly became all the rage: the chicken salad brioche. 

Sacrilegious, however, at this 87th edition, a honey bread replaced the delicious brioche. All the same

But the chicken salad sandwich takes first place, followed closely by the delicious “Bar-B-Que Sandwich” reminiscent of the flavors of the smokehouses of the southern United States. With Augusta National's signature draft beer, the “Crow's Nest”, it's a treat.

Next comes the one with eggs and the other with ham and cheese, according to the taste buds of the author of these lines. After 10 days in Augusta, his quick on-the-go snack counter, between two texts, got carried away at the start of the week.

The chicken classics complete the list in no particular order, while the abominable “pimento cheese” is relegated far to last. Remember here that the tastes are not discussed, because it is still among the favorites of the “bosses” who visit the site. 

Decadent dessert

The Canadian Mackenzie Hughes, however, insists on considering another one that we forget too quickly since it is placed among the desserts. 

And he's absolutely right. Georgia's decadent Peach Ice Cream Sandwich has to be considered a classic. in the top 3 and flirts with the first rank. By reconsidering the criteria, it totally delights him, especially on warm spring days under the sun watching the best golfers in the world.

The dessert is finger-licking good. Wedged between two butter cookies, the peach ice cream literally melts in your mouth. 

The problem is that with the sugar level in it, you have to run the seven kilometers of the course twice to eliminate the calories consumed. 

Hughes is telling the truth, he wins the prize, hands down. 

After the judge's decision, here is the top 3 and the green jacket winner of the sandwich: 

1. Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

2. Chicken salad on honey bread

3. “Bar-B-Que Sandwich”