Mathieu, 18 years old and a little bit

Mathieu, 18 years old and dusty


Wilkens Mathieu, all handsome in his white panties, dominated at will his opponent, the experienced Mexican José Gonzalez Saldana. 

It was the second Wilkens fight. As handsome as he was, his lack of experience betrayed his 18 years. Blows too wide, gaping openings that a better boxer could have exploited, the fans cheered the future.

Wilkens Mathieu has a crazy charm. He follows in the footsteps of his brother Lexson, but he is the one who has a passion for boxing. Lexson preferred to win big dollars with cryptocurrency. 

That said, some fans found Mathieu's victory disappointing. Coudon, what does it take to satisfy the ambitions of blood maniacs? We have an 18-year-old who outscored a 36-year-old veteran 40-36. If you do the math with your phone, that means Saldana is twice Mathieu's age. A man against a young man out of adolescence.


Vanessa Lepage Joanisse, from Mont-Laurier, set the tone for the evening. She and Princess Hairston had a furious fight at heavyweight. Hooks with both hands, heavy jabs, Vanessa clearly won her fight.

But the real victory, the young woman had already won it. When, after an abominable passage in the dark, she let herself weigh more than 300 pounds.

“I ate and ate to calm my emotions. I was a good athlete and when I suffered an accident, I dived,” she explained to me during the weigh-in.

It was while getting back into boxing that she found the motivation to restore an athletic body.

And yesterday, she won. In the ring this time. By stirring up the crowd.


For the first time in history, the Casino witnessed a five star fight from BoxRec. The quality of the map and the fights and the expectation of this final like no other contributed to generating an extraordinary atmosphere.

There was electricity in the air. Lucian Bute and David Lemieux tried to play the game of future adversaries, Robert Ranger, president of BPM Sports was looking for the BET99 booth in the cabaret, Louis-Philippe Neveu, the boss of TVA Sports was not looking for Hugo Dumas who came close to the yellow with Louis and Renaud. In short, as Martine St-Clair would have sung, there was love in the air.

I know, the average reader is going to be completely lost in these media stories, but sometimes, must show by the absurd what is done and not done.

If you want to understand, listen to Indefensible. Léo betrayed his friend Maxime by sleeping with Marianne…

That makes several episodes of a soap opera. But it's fiction.

Mathieu, 18 years old and dusty ;res