Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée and the beautiful Betty

Mathieu Nadeau-Valée and the beautiful Betty


Betty is a pretty lilac point Siamese cat of about 10 years old. A splicer at times, she is quite capable of getting anything she wants from Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée, just by meowing.

You are surrounded by animals . Tell me a bit about it.

I live above my mother's house, and my brother and sister come very often to visit with their dogs. There is Mr. Ramsey, a border collie, Manolo, a “westie”, and Zoe, a sausage dog. Sometimes I keep them all to bed. So I have dogs by proxy!

Why are you more 'cat' or 'dog'?

I'm a 'dog guy'. I have had dogs since I was born. I grew up with them. I love them and I feel good in their presence. I like to play with them. I currently don't have dogs, as it would be a selfish choice considering I don't have a lot of free time between work and studies. I had never had a cat before Betty.

What is the reason that led you to have this cat?

Betty already belonged to my girlfriend when I met her. Nevertheless, Betty likes me and often chooses me.

Why this name?

In the parody Kung Pow , there is this very naughty gentleman named Betty. This name suits her well, because our kitten is quite the opposite: she is nice and not mean at all! In addition, it is a beautiful girl's name.

How to describe in a few sentences the personality of your pet?

She is a diva and the queen of the house. She always does her own thing. She is clearly the master. When she wants something, she always manages to get it, because she meows without embarrassment. She has her little moment of affection every day: a little 10 minutes where she comes to cuddle, be petted and purred.

Tell us a funny fact about Betty.

She's not fat, yet she has this big pocket of fat that dangles under her belly when she walks. It's rather funny.

Tell us an unusual or particular fact about your cat.

Occasionally, when she makes a very stinky poop in the litter, she comes out of it, fleeing at top speed. It leaves us a little perplexed. 

Tell us about one of his bad tricks.

She likes to throw down all the objects that are on the furniture. She breaks things all the time, but we forgive her, because she is super beautiful!

What is her favorite activity?

Eating. She loves her canned food and cat treats.

Where is her favorite place?

She can lie down for a very long time near the heater or in a ray of sunshine.

What do you wish you had known before you got Betty?

The amount of hair she sheds everywhere, all the time. The kitchen chairs have turned white with hair. And they are difficult to remove. There are so many that I think I'm the one who's going to cough up a hairball soon! (Laughs)

How can your pet inspire you?

Betty is an expert in the art of nothing TO DO. She stays in bed and does nothing all day. I never stop working and studying. I am a workaholic. I am in my fifth university degree. I should rest a little more!

Like master, like animal?

Betty and I are alike in one thing: food. We both like to eat. 

About Mathieu Nadeau-Vallée:

We call him Walmart Justin Trudeau or the TikTok doc. On social networks, this young resident doctor in anesthesia with degrees (pharmacology, epidemiology, etc.) has been fighting misinformation on social networks in a style all his own, since the start of the pandemic.