Mathieu Roy dissects the new generation of Apple CarPlay

Mathieu Roy dissects the new generation of Apple CarPlay


For 2023, Apple has announced that a new version of its car application CarPlay will see the light of day. While the current system has been in existence since 2014, this new generation of technology much appreciated by drivers will be more than welcome.

Just to discuss it on the show Le Guide de l'auto on QUB Radio, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer received techno columnist Mathieu Roy.

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Not just on a screen

For At the moment, Apple CarPlay only projects its information on the infotainment system screen, which is generally found in the center of the dashboard. However, this reality is about to change thanks to the next generation of the system.

“There will be a break with the past. Regardless of the number of screens or their size in your vehicle, Apple CarPlay will take advantage of all these screens to provide you with a similar experience from one end of the vehicle to the other,” explains Mathieu Roy. Obviously, this feature will only be possible with partner manufacturers.

“Vehicle information will be able to be read by the phone and displayed accordingly. You will be able to have information related to your speed, your fuel or battery consumption. In the Apple CarPlay interface, you can change the temperature on board, use the radio or start the heated seats. 

Menu customization

In this new version of CarPlay, Apple is betting on menu customization.

“You can customize the display, sometimes with a dark theme, sometimes with a light theme. You will be able to insert widgets, microapplications, such as your calendar and your music”, let know the expert in techno. If you want to have the indication of your speed with numbers, you can have it, but Apple will also offer you the possibility of having good old dials with needles, but which will be digital”, he continues. 

A feature coveted by buyers

Apple CarPlay is not something that only the biggest tech enthusiasts care about. Indeed, this feature is coveted by a majority of buyers. “Apple told us that 78% of people will only consider a car that is compatible with this kind of system,” said Mr. Roy. “I think that to make oneself incompatible with these systems is perhaps to deprive oneself of a potential market,” he adds.

To date, a few rare brands continue to shun Apple CarPlay and prefer to favor their own multimedia system. This is particularly the case with Tesla. During the show, Antoine Joubert also cited the example of Lucid Motors, which does not offer compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but whose system is well executed.

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