Mats and buttocks: Kamensky has released a new clip

Маты и ягодицы: Каменских выпустила новый клип

The singer presented the video for the song Ass like Kim. In the video, a lot of sarcasm, exposed buttocks and foul language.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky presented a clip for the song Ass like Kim. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the stars.

In the clip Kamensky with little ballet dancing in white bodysuit and short boots, showing bare buttocks.

The video appear Potap, DJ Nana, ZBSband known bloggers and comedians Chotko do. Potap utters obscene speech that the song is bad Kamensky, parodying commentators from social networks. Foul language removed by sound effects. Also in the video there is a cow, which the singer allegedly milking, and the DoppelgangeR of Kim Jong-UN.

The singer said that the track Ass like Kim has written about a blind imitation of women to the idols of modern fashion, show business and social networks, as well as the impermanence of trends.

In a few hours, the video has collected almost 17 thousand views and many comments. Some have appreciated the irony of the clip, the other as guest stars, others were left disappointed by Kamensky, calling it “bottom”.

Earlier Kamensky zatrollit for a photo with his pants down. It was also reported that the photo Kamenskikh bikini caused controversy in the Network.

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