Matt Lang: the more vintage, but also festive

Matt Lang: plus vintage, mais aussi festif

To make his first EP, which was revealed to the public and allowed him to make a long tour to sold-out, Matt Lang was financially staked everything. A year and a half later, the investment has likely borne fruit. A well deserved success, won the snatch, which allows him to launch the 5 June next, a second album even more fleshed out than the first, which he is extremely proud.

“The first album, this is me, who has financed, with my father, my mother,” he recalls at the end of the wire. If it didn’t work, I was in “deep shit” ! The moment I put the money in there, it was a time of violent enough for me. I put everything in the shows that they are good, have musicians and a technical team. There are nights where I don’t sleep much, I was stressed out financially. It has been a gambling for us. “

If he has staked everything he has won. The tours sold out, the album to the top of the charts in English in Canada, performances at the international and, especially, the signing of a contract with a record label affiliated with Sony.

Back to vintage

A success that gives him, inevitably, the means of its ambitions. And it means on the second EP, which will be launched next week, recorded entirely in Nashville thanks to some back-and-forth made before the pandemic.

Musically fleshed out, with rich – and very festive – arrangement of banjo, violin and even a gospel choir, More is an album where the country more vintage takes its letters of nobility through the sounds of pop and rock.

There is a gospel choir (Only a Woman), a song that lends itself to line dancing (Getcha), tunes plus “honky tonk” (In a Bar), and another that he describes as his “song stage” (Woke Up Like This).

“This album is more diverse, and I’m really glad of it,” he says, confined to his home in the Laurentians. I wanted to make it different, bring it back to a sound more old school. “

The unavoidable clichés

Let’s turn to the lyrics of the songs that he has written in the company of, among others, his director, Danick lay appointments and Tebey. Matt Lang fully assumes that it is virtually impossible to avoid the clichés of the new country, as the seduction, the bars, the whiskey. It simply reflects the mode of life of the country, ” he said.

“That, love, road trips, family, alcohol… Yes, these are songs to lift our glass. It has been a while, have a beer with someone. The country is renowned for it. It is the music of the people. And the people in need its small beer in this time, ” he says, laughing. Yes, you listen to the country, and it’s going to be the words pick-up, truck, whiskey. But one is able to make different… but this album-there, it is true that he speaks of it not bad ! “

Matt Lang is defined deeply as a guy of family, gang, close to people, and most of all very humble. No wonder that this style, which advocates for the authenticity it sticks to both the skin. Also, several times during the interview, he often gives the credit to others for the success of his musical project.

“Yes, the scene I miss, but I think what I miss the most, it is my world. One of the things I’m most proud of is that my québec musicians came and recorded with me, in Nashville. Without my gang of Quebec, there is nothing that works. It is the heart of the project. “

The United States, not for now

Prior to the pandemic, Matt Lang, produced in Berlin and had to return to give shows in France this summer, in addition to a massive tour of festivals in quebec.

With two albums English-speaking recorded in Nashville, and strong enough to hope to make its place among the greatest, Matt Lang said that he did not, however, intend, for the moment, put the efforts on the american market.

“It’s clear that it has plans for the United States. But since the beginning, I tell myself it is the last place that I’m going to do, the United States. I want to be really “rail” before going there, that my English is perfect. I think that when we want to go too fast in life, we plant, and this is why I don’t want to. ”

♦ The album More will be available on June 5.

♦ All his shows have been deferred to 2021, indicates one who does not believe that the pandemic will slow headway to go.

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