Matthew Bergeron proud to return to football mode after satisfying Pro Day

Matthew Bergeron proud to return to football mode after a satisfying Pro Day< /p> UPDATE DAY

Offensive lineman Matthew Bergeron can now focus on getting back to what he really loves to be in life, which is a football player.  

< p>The Victoriaville tackle was part of a seven-man contingent spied on by scouts from 31 of the 32 NFL teams at Syracuse University's Pro Day on Monday in New York State. 

In the last few weeks, whether for the evaluation camp (Combine) of the NFL at the beginning of the month in Indianapolis or for Pro Day in Syracuse, Bergeron trained in order to be ready for all the physical tests imaginable. 

If he appreciated the inevitable process, he still said he was delighted to be able to once again focus his full attention on football rather than athletic skills. 

“When it all ended, I felt a big relief. Now I can just focus on football. Running in a straight line, in circles or in zig zags is not really my hobby. I'm a big, big guy. What I like is blocking people. Now I can just focus on that,” he told Journal in a phone interview.

Have a good day strong>

After all, Bergeron left four years of video to scouts on how he played and his play speaks for itself. 

While he said he was happy with his Pro Day performance overall, including his 29 reps on the bench press, the 23-year-old doesn't want to get into the comparison game. 

< p>“It went really well. I am proud of my effort and my results. It was a good day for me. All the exercises went well and the feedback was very good.

“I'm not one to compare numbers. The specialty of one is the fault of the other. I'm a very mobile blocker without necessarily being the fastest. I move well in space. There are others who are very fast, but who move less well. Everyone has positive and negative points,” he analyzed. 

Several interviews

Even if Bergeron is not fond of the race, he still has to undertake a final sprint until the repechage, which will take place from April 27 to 29. 

Fortunately, we are talking here about a blitz of interviews with different teams across the United States. This is one aspect where the offensive lineman feels in his element. 

“I have a lot of visits planned. Many would see this as a burden, but I see it as an opportunity to make a name for myself and build a relationship with organizations. 

“Yes, the draft is important, but the relationships you build now can have an impact when you become a free agent in four years. All the meetings are important and you don't know what will make the difference”, he said with great wisdom.

Take the time to appreciate < /p>

Represented by the Rep 1 Sports agency, Bergeron should continue to score points in interviews. 

For several months, the rave reviews from analysts have multiplied, as much on his game that his personality, he who was voted among the team captains in Syracuse last season. 

He does not know if he will be invited to the draft in Kansas City, but his answer is already ready for this possibility. It was with his family, in Victoriaville, that he would experience the big moment. 

“I couldn’t see myself experiencing this any other way. In the meantime, there is still work to do, but it's a good time to look back and be proud of my performance at each stage. I come a long way and I went to a Pro Day in front of the NFL teams. There are not two drafts, so you have to enjoy every moment.”