Maud (love is in the pre-2019) really sincere off camera with Laurent ? It responds

Maud (L'amour est dans le pré 2019) vraiment sincère hors caméra avec Laurent ? Il répond

Maud (love is in the pre-2019) sincere off camera with Laurent ? It responds

While The love is in the meadow is now in its 14th season, the viewers of this version 2019 are becoming more distrustful of the candidates. Very touched by Laurent, they are afraid that Maud is not sincere towards the farmer and plays a role in front of the cameras. The farmer of suckler cows has replied.

Sometimes The Love is in the meadow, there are evidences. This year, this was the case for Robert and Angélique, Jean-Michel and Christine, who insupportent yet internet users, Yves, the brother Gege, and Lucienne, or even for Laurent and Maud. As soon as the speed dating, the two candidates have had a real coup de foudre ” for each other. Totally seduced by it, he quickly abandoned Cécile, who has decided to leave. Since then, they live their love story, and ended by kissing each other at a meal with friends, under the popular pressure.

Maud true to Lawrence ?

But if the farmer of suckler cows seems to be totally in love, the viewers have doubts about the sincerity of Maud. While Laurent is definitely the farmer the most touching part of the history of the show, they have fear for him and fear that she would not suffer. Fears shared by the farmer himself, as he has said in an interview with Tv Leisure : “I had a little doubt at the beginning. Because of my previous divorce, I doubted a lot. I was reluctant to do it again trust.”.

The farmer of the love is in the meadow meets

Fortunately, he was quickly reassured by the behavior of its contender which, to his eyes, is true to him : “Even off camera, she was very natural and very spontaneous. It is someone who is very sincere”. If he is convinced that he is the woman of his life, he wants to take his time : “with my painful past, I don’t want to have any more disappointment so I find it good to take the time to build something solid.” One can only agree and hope that it will last between them !

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