Maude Charron covers herself with gold at the Pan American Weightlifting Championship

Maude Charron covers herself in gold at the Pan American Weightlifting Championship


Despite less than ideal preparation, Maude Charron won gold at the Pan American Championships in Bariloche, Argentina. 

On Monday night, the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist lifted 101 kg in the snatch and 124 kg in the shoulder-jerk for a combined 225 kg. Her score put her ahead of American Danielle Gunnin (220kg) and Mexican Daphne Guillén (217 kg).

In her first competition since taking part in the world championship last December in Colombia where she had won the bronze, the pride of Sainte-Luce wanted to check if his knee injured in October and which annoyed him at the World Cup was recovered.

“It was a competition to test my knee,” she explained. I am in the Olympic selection process and it was not the time to try to lift loads that were too high and risk injuring myself.”

The balance sheet is positive. “My knee is 95 percent recovered,” she said. Despite a preparation that was not ideal, I did well. I always want more, but I'm satisfied. I missed a few tries, but that's part of the sport. I haven't had my best day, but I know few people who manage to win without having their best day.”

“I went through a long rehabilitation that started in January, to continue Wheelwright. I haven't been able to squat for a long time which hurt my preparation. This is how you can gain strength or maintain it. At the World Cup, I had to take painkillers, which is no longer the case. It's good news for a weightlifter to no longer have to take medication.”

While his knee is nearly 100 per cent restored, Charron has to contend with a shoulder injury. “I hurt myself at the worlds, she said, and my shoulder still bothers me a bit.”

In good shape

Currently ranked 3rd in the world rankings, Charron is in an excellent position to obtain his Olympic selection in anticipation of the 2024 Games in Paris. “At the Pan American Championships, the result did not affect my ranking, but I had to be present to fill a box in the selection process, she explained. Because I have nothing to gain and I have to take care of my shoulder, I will discuss with my coach whether or not I will participate in the Canadian championships in May in Ontario.”

If she does the deadlock on the nationals, Charron will resume action in June at the Cuban Grand Prix.

New category

Because his category (less than 64 kg) has been cut off in anticipation of the Paris Games, Charron is now playing at 59 kg. “I'm learning and taking notes with each weight cut,” she said. I am looking for the perfect recipe so that there is no more trial and error in Paris. I perform well and I don't feel weak. It's a good sign that my body is responding well. I haven't lost any strength and I can lift a lot of weight.”

“However, I have to find fun foods to eat, adds Charron, because I don't want to eat only rice and canned tuna.”

His successes in Tokyo have allowed the Canadian Federation to obtain better funding from Sport Canada. These additional sums made it possible to hire a physiotherapist who accompanies the team during competitions. Rimouskoise Marie-Claude Fournier was hired.

“We have been asking for a physio to accompany us for a long time. Marie-Claude is my personal physio and everyone in the team loves her. His presence makes a difference since we always have little sores.”