Maundy Thursday 2019: major traditions of the holiday

Find out what to do on Maundy Thursday, 2019, to bring health and prosperity to the house for the whole year

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Чистый четверг 2019: главные традиции праздника

The main rites on Maundy Thursday related to water

Maundy Thursday 2019 – important day of Holy week, which is traditionally celebrated three days before Easter. In 2019 Maundy Thursday falls on April 25.

We will tell you about the basic folk superstitions and traditions of Maundy Thursday, what to do to keep healthy and get rid of the disease, attract prosperity and wealth into the house.

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Maundy Thursday: traditions day

This day has great magical powers. On Maundy Thursday clean be given to the perfect place. Moreover, cleanliness should be implemented not only physically cleaning the house, bathing, and spiritually – to get rid of bad thoughts.

  • On the morning of Maundy Thursday, it is customary to wash with silver, i.e. silver coin or spoon. It is believed that in this way man gives not only good health but also beauty.
  • On Maundy Thursday, it is important to arrange General cleaning in the house. You need to bring all the trash, dispose of trash, wash the dishes, to wash linen.
  • What not to do on Maundy Thursday is to leave on Good Friday unwashed dishes and soaked but not washed linen.
  • Also on Maundy Thursday, it is customary to bathe before sunrise – in the earlier time, the water is saturated with gracious power. It is believed that this custom helps to be happy and successful for the whole year. Before ablution to pray, to say thanks for what you have now.
  • Another important activity that should be done on Maundy Thursday is to bake Easter cakes and Pasca. Early in the morning the hostess put the dough to rise. And in the late afternoon, having read all the necessary prayers on Maundy Thursday, the start of festive baking.

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The people there is a belief according to which, what were the cakes can be judged, as will the entire year until next Easter. If Easter cakes turned out fluffy and delicious, that the next year will bring only joy. And if the pastries had failed a year will be difficult.

Earlier we told you when and how celebrated major religious holiday Easter, 2019 in Ukraine.

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Чистый четверг 2019: главные традиции праздника

Чистый четверг 2019: главные традиции праздника

Чистый четверг 2019: главные традиции праздника


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