Maundy Thursday: the signs of the holiday

If three to count all the money in the house, the family enjoys prosperity and well-being

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Чистый четверг: приметы праздника

On 25 April we mark Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is one of the most important days in Holy week. Traditionally it is celebrated three days before Easter, which in 2019 falls on April 28.

“Today” figured out what are the signs of people on Maundy Thursday.

  • If three to count all the money in the house, the family will reign prosperity and well-being.
  • Good and Sunny weather on Maundy Thursday to warm the rest of spring, rainy day predicts cold and damp until the summer.
  • If you want the whole year to be healthy – dip before sunrise.
  • Everyone in the family need to take a handful of salt and pour in one package. This salt is stored and treated her family and friends.
  • If you get on what you can find that long sought. If you leave the house unmade – anything good from the next year don’t wait.
  • In this day you can not give anything on loan, along with that is given to happiness and prosperity.
  • If, on Maundy Thursday, first met the old woman – it’s bad luck, but if a man or a dog – to happiness and well-being.

Earlier “Today” reported about Holy Thursday 2018: what is celebrated and what customs of the holiday. It was thought that before Easter you need to clean not only space but also the soul.

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