Mauricie: place construction holidays for more than 11 000 workers

Mauricie: place aux vacances de la construction pour plus de 11 000 travailleurs

A little more than 11 000 construction workers have taken the path of vacation, Friday, in the Mauricie region.

In 2019, the activity on the sites of region a slightly if one relies on the number of hours worked, whereas the trend was completely the opposite everywhere else in the province.

For Quebec as a whole, hours worked on construction projects are up 9%, an all-time record.

The workers did not pray to take the broad, if only because of the last very cold winter, the summer sizzler that we know or health concerns with which he has had to learn to live.

Due to the closure of the land border with the United States, the holiday makers do not provide it away.

“It is sure that the camping, it’s going to be in a close region,” said a worker at TVA Nouvelles.

“We wanted to go to Gaspésie, except that there is too much world out there,” he added, resigned, a colleague.

Quebec recommends, moreover, to take advantage of the pandemic to visit Quebec and the minister of Labour intends to lead by example.

“I intend to rediscover the Mauricie region,” said Jean Boulet, who is also the member of parliament for Trois-Rivières.

For its part, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has already given the tone of the monitoring which will be carried on the road network, on the water and on the trails. Police officers stationed on the highway 40 to Trois-Rivières have intercepted several vacationers a little too much in a hurry, on Friday.

“This year, in the context of the pandemic, it is known that many leisure travelers are going to remain in Québec during this period. Therefore, we can expect more trips,” said the sergente Joyce Kemp.

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