Mauricie: this is the end for a major landfill site

Mauricie: c’est la fin pour un important site d’enfouissement

LARGE-BATTERIES – The burial site of Large-Piles, in Mauricie, has put an end to its activities, a closure that hurts the small community.

The imposing site of Horizon Environment, open for 25 years, is now filled to capacity and the operations were, therefore, permanently discontinued.

It is on this site that had been transported soils from the construction site of reconstruction of the Turcot interchange in Montreal.

Horizon Environment will continue its operations from its new site in Mascouche.

“We would very much have liked to be able to continue to Large-cell Batteries, but the quality of Large-Batteries has become his default: it is far. Today the transportation costs are an extremely important component in the rehabilitation projects,” said Guy Fortin, director of the company.

The start of Horizon Environment hurts the finances of the municipality.

The company was the largest taxpayer, with a contribution of$ 300,000 per year in property taxes and royalties on every tonne buried.

His contribution weighed to 20% of the municipal budget total.

“It was an income that was much appreciated, which has enabled us to develop and upgrade all our municipal infrastructure. We talk about water supply, sewage and maintenance of the roads”, has shown the mayor of Grandes-Piles, Michel Germain.

The site will now be monitored for at least the next 30 years.

As the Horizon Environment has always acted as a good corporate citizen, the municipality has no apprehension as to the environmental issue.

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