Max Barsky was confusion at the party in Cannes: video

The singer arrived at the Cannes film festival

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С Максом Барских произошел конфуз на вечеринке в Каннах: видео

Max Barskih

On the Cote d’azur continues Cannes film festival 2019, in which celebrity guests visit not only premiere films, but also parties. One such party was joined by the Ukrainian singer Max Barsky, who recently was involved in a serious road accident in America.

More about this unpleasant event in our story:

And even in France, the singer distinguished – the fact that while dancing at a party at max Barsky in the middle of the dance floor dropped a glass and broke. The actor quickly responded and moved aside, pretending that he was not involved in the incident. The celebrity was standing on the sidelines and laughing, watched the other guests cleaned up the pieces.

Video embarrassment he has published on his page on Instagam. The clip Max Barskih added a humorous comment: “When you dropped the cocktail in the middle of the dance floor and pretended it wasn’t you”.

Recall that the crew of “Today,” visited the fitting of the dress the star of the TV series “Melrose” and learned, for one of the guests sew the Ukrainian designers. Photos from the opening ceremony can be viewed at the link.

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