Maxim Galkin has declared that he is the son of Philip Kirkorov (video)

Максим Галкин объявил, что является сыном Филиппа Киркорова (фото, видео)

Russian humorist and TV presenter Maxim Galkin has responded to the recent online rumors that his real father with Alla Pugacheva children is allegedly Philip. Internet users have compared the baby pictures of the singer and three year old Harry Galkin. Some felt that they are suspiciously similar to each other and suggested that, say, for ECO, which was born to Harry and his twin sister, Lisa, was taken genetic material Kirkorov.

Galkin in response I posted to Instagram a humorous video in which he shown their own children’s photos. And asked if he Kirkorov? And then concluded: in fact, he is the son of pop star. So Harry and Lisa have Kirkorov grandchildren.

At the end of the video Galkin result is another “proof” of their kinship with Kirkorov. Cursing, he goes into the room, talking with someone behind the scenes. Recently Philip interrupted an interview with foreign reporters to foul language to yell at people rustling nearby. “What noise? You can not whisper here? On… to go and do this? You don’t understand what it’s all heard?”, said the king of Russian pop music.

Максим Галкин объявил, что является сыном Филиппа Киркорова (фото, видео)

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