Maxime Guény as a couple : he admits to having found love, Kelly Vedovelli shocked

TPMP : Maxime Guény as a couple, it tells the whole truth in issuing Cyril Hanouna

No, Maxime Guény is no longer single. The columnist Cyril Hanouna has unveiled be in a couple. In fact, he revealed in TPMP on Monday 25 November 2019 on C8 that he has found love and that it lasts for more than a year. Of the remarks which have shocked Kelly Vedovelli, who has thus noted that he had “lied all this time”.

“I am very much in love”

Revelation in TPMP ! While Maxime Guény had entrusted to be single after having been dropped because of an anecdote sexual balanced on the plateau of the issue, the columnist has finally confessed to being in a relationship for a long time. On Monday 25 November 2019 in the talk-show, hosted by Cyril Hanouna on C8, he explained that “people in couples live longer than single people”, before saying to be in the first category.

The facilitator has, therefore, asked whether he was happy and in love. What Maxime Guény replied : “can’t You see that I am beaming ? Yes, yes, it’s going very well ! I am very much in love !”. “It’s been a few very long months” he found, adding to prefer to keep his private life to him, rather than unpack in TPMP or on the social networks. “This is not good to formalize things. There was a question from Pookie that asked why I do not expose my private life, well, simply because to live happily, he must live hidden,” he said.

Kelly Vedovelli is in shock

How long is it as a couple ? “For more than a year, perhaps,” said the main party, which has shocked Kelly Vedovelli, with which it has failed to become more than friend. “He has lied to us all this time !” she blurted out, very surprised. Maxime Guény then detailed : “A year, through which it is necessary to know ! You never know if it is good, if this is not good… And everything is done this weekend”, “I had a revelation”.

About Cyril Hanouna, it was eventually assured that in reality, he was aware of everything : “I’m going to tell you the truth, I knew it. It’s been a year that I’m on the case Guény ! And it’s been a year that I know ! I was just waiting for the catch ! But it makes me very happy, and I love the person ! So I’m very happy”.

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