May day gave control over Brexit Parliament of Britain

Мэй на сутки отдала контроль над Brexit парламенту Британии

Parliament seized control of the process.The house of Commons of the UK Parliament seized on the day the control over the process Brexit the Prime Minister Theresa may, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Stated that now the Parliament during March 27 to consider the options for how the UK will leave the European Union. This issue will be a series of votes on the options. In particular, the Parliament will vote on the question of the agreement with the EU.

It is known that the initiative proposed a member of the Conservative party Oliver Letwin. He was supported by 329 MPs voted against 302 people.

“The British Parliament took control over the process Brexit the Prime Minister Theresa may will now seek to solve, as the UK exits the European Union”, – stated in the message.

Recall that more than 5.5 million UK residents signed a petition against the country’s withdrawal from the EU. Under British law, the petition should consider the country’s Parliament if it receives more than 100 thousand signatures.

Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa may promised to resign if approved by the House of Commons concluded with the Brussels agreement on the terms of withdrawal of Britain from the EU.


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