Maybe no quick test for everyone before Christmas

Maybe no quick test for all before No & euml; l

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Quebecers who wish to take a rapid test before the holidays will be able to obtain one free of charge in nearly 2,000 pharmacies as of Monday … if the federal deliveries arrive on time, warns Quebec.

Quebec expects to receive 10 million antigenic tests, also called rapid tests, during the month of December.

But of these, 6 million are intended for schools and daycares .

CHSLDs and private seniors' residences will also be given priority, announced the Minister of Health Christian Dubé at a press briefing on Tuesday. & nbsp;

For the general population, the Legault government cannot guarantee that every Quebecer will be able to get their hands on a quick test before Christmas, where gatherings of 20 people or less will be allowed, said the cabinet of Mr. Dubé.

Waiting for the federal government

Quebec has been waiting for several weeks for deliveries of millions of tests from the federal government, which will eventually allow each person to obtain five tests per month.

“If the deliveries arrive on time, of course they will be distributed before the Christmas holidays”, summarized Daniel Paré, responsible for vaccination.

As of Monday, 1900 pharmacies in Quebec will take care of the “gradual” distribution. of these tests to the population, specified M. & nbsp; Paré.

“& nbsp; It would have been better if we had access to them more widely before the holiday season & nbsp;”, thinks Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Professor at the Montreal School of Public Health, who argues that these have the ability to prevent outbreaks in holiday gatherings.

High traffic expected

For his part, Benoit Morin, president of the Quebec Association of Owner Pharmacists, calls for patience among those who wish to obtain rapid tests.

“& nbsp; demand is very strong and difficult to manage. We're already getting a lot of calls, and the tests haven't even arrived & nbsp; “, he says.

“& Nbsp; What we ask of the population is those who already have tests through school and daycare, that they wait so that others can get them & nbsp;”, he continues, letting it be known that pharmacies “will not all have huge quantities” of tests.

What you need to know about the rapid test and its distribution

  • Like a pregnancy test, it allows you to test yourself yourself at home for COVID-19 following the instructions provided and gives a result in 15 minutes
  • It helps reduce the risk of outbreaks, but is not as accurate as a PCR test available at a screening center
  • If your rapid test shows a positive result, you must go for a PCR test
  • There will be no appointment at take to obtain it in pharmacies. The principle of “first come, first served” will be applied.
  • Each person will be able to obtain free of charge a box of 5 tests for 30 days. A check using the health insurance card will be done on site to prevent someone from taking more.
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