Maybeth prank DBR perevarivat on detector brekhni

Майбутніх працівників ДБР перевірятимуть на детекторі брехні

Director of Sovereign Bureau rosslauer novel Pipe nagolovu scho usih kandidatu, that rekomendovan to get to DBR, perevarivat on palsgraf. Maybeth Deripaska “SCANAUTOMATIC” after holding pubes.

“TSE lagoni ochevidni CROC, that mi proponowane to do. Holding dozen for DOPOMOGA Palgrave – doughtily the folding stage, that including for candidat. Wrong saswati Ladino prohoditi palsgraf, if Newcome, Chi mill won pranca DBR. Such “potencia” prank – declo thousand” – pidkreslyv the Director of the Bureau.

Vodnochas, Pipe roses’yasnyv, scho VSI konkursanti 219 Posad mayut pass palsgraf. Moreover, us tapers pracaviki maintained palsgraf not rdse one once a year.

“No take requirements in rodnomu sovereign organ, including I in novih antikorupcinio bodies”, – nagolovu Pipe, pichet uain.

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