M’Billi: superb demonstration

M’Billi: superb demonstration

I watched Christian M’Billi’s fight in Cuernavaca on Saturday night. He easily defeated Rolando Paredes by stopping the referee in the third round.

I was dazzled by the force of M’Billi’s blows. He boxed compact and was never in danger. However, I was surprised to see that in the second round, he seemed to be catching his breath. In such a fit athlete, it’s surprising.

Luckily, Punching Grace’s Commando Cutout camera followed M’Billi and Samuel Décarie relentlessly after the fight.

We heard their conversations and the explanations they gave to each other.

I liked less to see M’Billi pose tirelessly for his selfies after the fight. Had everyone spent 14 days in a bubble?

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